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6 Workout Mistakes That Every Women Usually Make During Menopause

July 31, 2019

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Sooner or later menopause affects every woman. It usually has unpleasant symptoms and causes a lot of discomforts. Hot flashes, insomnia, mood swings and many other things that stop us from leading a normal life. One of the most unpleasant things which scare every woman is weight gain.

It’s a well-known fact that menopause causes some changes in the work of our hormones. This leads to excess weight gain. Many women suffer from it since it not only looks unattractive but also causes discomfort and lowers our self-esteem. That’s why many women start performing physical exercises regularly to get rid of their excess pounds.

However, very often we do something wrong and our body starts gaining weight, even more, our muscles and bones become weak. Today we have prepared some important information for you. Here is a list of mistakes women usually make during menopause.

1 Only cardio

  • We all know that cardiovascular workout is important for our weight loss and health in general.
  • However, after we hit menopause, it’s important to work on strength exercises.
  • They will help you to gain muscle mass and burn more calories.

2 You prefer swimming or cycling to walk or running

  • When we hit menopause, one of the most important things is to strengthen our skeleton.
  • Swimming is great, but for this purpose walking or weightlifting are better.
  • These workouts will lower your risks of osteoporosis and other diseases of this kind.

3 You take it easy on yourself

  • Very often when women hit menopause they think that they are too old for the workouts that they used to perform earlier.
  • This is a big mistake. There is no reason why you shouldn’t do the same exercises.
  • You should train your body well to prevent excess weight gain.

4 You are not changing your diet

  • You should start paying more attention to what you eat.
  • The experts recommend postmenopausal women reduce their calorie intake by 200 calories.
  • Make sure that you choose lean sources of protein, for example, fish, chicken, or turkey.

5 Warming up is important

  • There are many women who skip warming up before their workouts.
  • However, this is one of the most important parts of your daily routine.
  • It prevents your body from injuries and helps to reduce post-workout pain.
  • According to the studies, older bodies need longer warming up.

6 You try to do it all on your own

  • Some women think that they can manage all the difficulties without any help.
  • However, when we hit menopause, the best thing is to consult some specialists.
  • You should visit your doctor and get a personal trainer at least for the first time.
  • They will help you to regulate all the process and choose the most suitable workouts for your case.


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